Tuesday, October 23, 2007

San Diego Fires Update #6

Day 3.

The southern fire, the Harris Fire, woke up with a growl. It turned away from Chula Vista to attack to the north. For the first time I can see the flames of the county's fires from my home. The Harris fire has burned over and around Mount San Miguel and is licking at the shore of the Sweetwater Reservoir. The public radio station, KPBS, is off the air - its broadcast tower is atop the mountain. Steele Canyon High School, my nephew's school and an early evacuation site, is now within a couple miles of the fire line. Within five miles is the community of Rancho San Diego. I know this region well. The chaparral is old and thick on these slopes - perfect food to feed the raging beast.

Add to the list of communities evacuating the coastal city of Del Mar.

Alpine and El Cajon continue to be safe; the fires are to the north and south. The danger is to have a fire to your east.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the news. I called my dad last night to find out how y'all were doing. We've got beer trucks boudn for San Marcos and San Diego that are being held in the LA area due to the fire and road closures. -Bex!

Donna said...

Thanks for the update... I have family in El Cajon and it is hard to keep up with what is going on from Texas (since things change so quickly). I appreciate your updates.