Saturday, October 20, 2007

Republican Voting Rights Theories Explained

The Brad Blog has reporting something that deserves wider distribution. Read It!
...minorities don't become elderly. The way that white people do. They die first.
John Tanner, the head of the Bush Administration Department of Justice Voting Rights Division explaining how minorities have an advantage over white folk. Republicans have been pushing a policy to require specific identification papers before someone is allowed to exercise their right to vote.
it all boils down to ... who has the ID and who doesn't.
You see, the Voter ID system requires drivers licenses that many elderly people don't have.
I think it's probably true that among those who don't, it's primarily elderly persons. And that's a shame.
But on balance this is a good thing, don't ya know, and perfectly legal because if you keep old folk from voting it increased the power of minority voters.
There are inequities in health care...So anything that disproportionately impacts the elderly, has the opposite impact on minorities. Just, the math is such as that.
So, in conclusion, his office has absolutely no problem with laws that restricts the voting rights of elderly people. The DOJ Voting Rights Division doesn't give a damn if Granny Tessie who has been voting for half a century is turned away at the polls because she no longer drives a car. If she had any interest in racial equality she would have died already and decreased the surplus population.

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