Monday, July 20, 2015

Short Takes

Lily-Livered Texans
All Muslims want to kill us, even the dead ones.
I've never met a more cowardly collection of humans than Texans. They have to carry a gun everywhere they go because they are terrified someone will try to mug them. They are paranoid at the prospect of American servicemembers holding training exercises in their state because they are certain they will all be locked up in FEMA concentration camps. And now they are shitting their panties in horror that Muslims who are living peaceably in their state might also be buried there. If anything bad ever actually happened in Texas half the population would drop dead of fear induced heart attacks.

Wesley Clark for Reichsf├╝hrer-SS
Himmler with Palestine's Grand Mufti
At one time Gen. Clark was a successful desk-jockey general, the kind of guy you want commanding spreadsheets but not personnel.  He ran for president as a Democrat in 2004 on the "I'm Just Like Ike" ticket. Since then, if not before, he has become seriously senile and suggested that young Muslims who are unemployed or lost a girl friend be rounded up and imprisoned lest they become "alienated" and start blowing shit up. Hint: Starting interment camps is probably a good way to start alienating people.

It Never Rains but it Pours
San Diego, July 19, 2015
Weather is not climate, I know that. For the second time this month we have been hit with tropical rain. Lots of it. It never rains in Southern California in July yet we've had more rain this July than any July in history. Hell, we've had more rain this July than the last 30 Julies combined. No, this doesn't solve the California drought. We'll need another 20 storms like this last one to do that and the rain needs to be in the north where most of the reservoirs are. But bizarre doesn't cover the freakness factor here. This is weird-with-a-beard outre and I wouldn't be surprised by a rain of frogs or plague of locusts next. I blame gay marriage.

The Pacific Ocean off California is 4oC above normal which has driven weird weather across the country. I believe this warming ocean is changing Southern California's climate from Mediterranean to subtropical. And I can't even guess what it is doing to the rest of the North American continent. Silver lining: If San Diego weather gets to be like New Orleans maybe we'll get better jazz.

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