Monday, July 13, 2015

Asylum Politics

There's probably a word for this in some language, probably German. That feeling you get when you can sense the pain someone is suffering but just don't give a shit. Sociopathic empathy. I'm feeling that for Scott Walker. He's been gearing up for months to this big day when he officially announces he's running for President and, literally, no one is noticing. The Donald has sucked up all the air and Walker's announcement is landing like a feather in a vacuum, with a soundless thud.

How About Selective Secession
Unreconstructed Southern Whites have their fee-fees hurting at the sight of the national celebration of the fall of the Confederate flag. May I suggest a second run at secession. The rest of the country would rejoice if the rotten core of the Deep South (Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and the Carolinas) would just up and leave. And if Mexico politely asked for the return of Texas I'm sure we wouldn't mind but we would insist that Mexico take Rick Perry and the entire Bush family as part of the deal.

Jade Helm 15 Invasion
Speaking of Texas, Lone Star patriots are prepared to oppose the imposition of martial law on their state. They have organized squads to follow and report on any military personnel they spot. The founders assure all they are preventing "freaking nut-jobs" from joining.

Think about that for a moment. How crazy do you have to be for a batshit insane conspiracy theorist to call you a nut-job? I wonder how long it will take for some deranged, methed up, gun totting, mouth breathing Texan to shoot down an innocent servicemember on a training mission because Obama is a Kenyan.

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