Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Police Kill Toll for June

The book for June of's running tally is closed.

It was an average month with 79 Americans killed by those hired to protect and serve them. While the vast majority will killed by gunfire, five were killed by "non-lethal" Tasers and three killed by the cop's police cruiser.

The oldest was an 86 year-old male who, according to reports, was threatening to kill himself and three police officers obliged him with a "suicide by cop." The youngest was a fifteen year-old boy. He was a passenger in a pickup pulled over for a faulty headlight, the boy pulled a gun and shot the policeman who returned fire killing the boy. On June 16, a police officer murdered his ex-wife in front of their seven year-old child.

The question before the court today is whether police work is a job that attracts sociopaths or a job that creates sociopaths. The answer appears to be both.

Certainly, police work is a perfect job for someone who longs to dominate others and is incapable of feeling shame, remorse, or regret. We've all seen them in action. Officers who shoot unarmed people, plant false evidence, and laugh about it later. In fact, cops with identified sociopathic behavior do their jobs so well then earn commendations and promotions.
Police are taught to to be sociopaths. If one officer starts beating a cop, the others join in. When one officer shoots at an unarmed suspect they all empty their weapons. When a dozen officers do the shooting there is no individual to blame, no one is guilty. Police are taught to lie in court to back each other up and put the bad guys away. The police version of omerta is just as stringent as the Mafia's. Not joining in, betraying your brother cops, is a fate equivalent to death.
SWAT raided this home, terrorized the family. No arrests.

American society makes cops sociopaths. To serve American weapon manufacturers, the police have been militarized. To justify the cost of SWAT teams, no-knock raids have become unnecessarily common. And we have a society where any nut can get as many guns as he wants.

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