Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Republican Owners Intervene

The oligarchs, who have bought the Republican Party like it were an exotic pet, are worried it is not properly leash trained. They want an orderly and obsequious nominating process.

Napa vintner John Jordan has "suggested" that the party ban from the debates the candidate currently ranked second in opinion polls. This is the same position that the oligarch PAC Club for Growth has taken.

Foster Freiss, clearly named after an ice cream store, and wannabe kingmaker Sheldon Adelson have written all the candidates instructing them on what to say and how to behave.

I wouldn't be surprised if FOX adds some clause to the debate rules that disqualifies Trump. Perhaps they will require some minimum number of campaign donors or Iowa appearances. Some weird addition that, magically, only removes Trump from the debate. It will be difficult but with big money tugging on the leash it can happen.

Then there is the Carly case. Fiorina is an oligarch and, unlike Trump, her fellow rich bastards love her. They want her in the debate as the anti-Hillery but she is currently polling at just 1%, tied for 14th place, and unlikely to make it to the debate even as an usher. I predict FOX will rig the game to get Carly on stage. FOX will probably keep secret the "polls" they use to rank the contestants and just declare she made the cut.

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