Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I Love Jade Helm 15

Because I love a good conspiracy theory and Jade Helm has generated an entire forest of theories.

Martial Law
President Obama plans to impose martial law on the nation and declare himself dictator. Texans, of course, believe that Texas will be the most difficult state to subdue, hence the need for Jade Helm. This is the root of all the interesting theories, that the "training exercise" is an excuse to preposition troops so potential dissidents can be quickly rounded up and imprisoned in FEMA death camps.  The justification for martial law is where the theorists get creative.

ISIS Attack
This theory says ISIS has established camps in Mexico and is planning to invade Texas. Further, President Obama is allowing Islamic extremists to enter the country for a coordinated attack on the US. These attacks will leave the nation calling for protection and martial law. One of his first acts will be to confiscate all guns. Afterwards, President Obama will reveal he really is Muslim, install sharia law, and begin decapitating Christians.

Environmental Disaster
Some people believe that climate change is real and President Obama is engineering it. He is using a science station in Alaska (HAARP) to punish the country with extreme weather. He is planning to use the station to generate a series of weather disasters leading to a breakdown of civil society. US troops plus the military of Russia and China will be needed to restore order after which they will stay to enforce his dictatorship.

The Walmart Connection
Jade Helm's true purpose is to finalize the establishment of underground military bases linked by a network of tunnels connecting Walmart stores.

Economic Collapse
President Obama intends to trigger a Greek-style economic collapse with the resulting chaos requiring martial law.

Pope Takeover
A few point out that it is not a coincidence that Pope Francis' visit to the United States follows Jade Helm. Pope Francis, who is the antichrist, will declare the New World Order in his appearance before Congress. President Obama's Catholic overlords will then use Jade Helm resources to turn control of the United States over to the Vatican and Satan.

Space Aliens
An alien cube crashing over Texas.
Jade Helm is a cover story for a secret massive search for "Nordic" space aliens who have landed in Texas in the past few months. Or, the Pentagon has been notified of an impending space alien invasion of Texas and they are preparing to defend the planet.

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