Friday, December 14, 2012

The Lies Gun Nuts Tell

Another school shooting tragedy will start another round of lies from the gun community.

Guns Don't Kill People
Take a highly trained Spetsnaz assassin. Arm him with the best combat knife made. He would not be as quick nor efficient a killer as a dimwitted 20 year-old lunatic with a couple of Glocks. Guns kill 87 Americans each and every day. Guns were invented for the singular purpose of killing. Guns have been killing people with gay abandon for 700 years.

The Victims Should Have Been Armed
Gun nuts love blaming the victims. If only everyone was as paranoid as I am and carried a gun all the time then no one would ever get shot, they think. Most of the victims today were small children and I don't think even the NRA advocates seven year-olds packing heat in the classroom. Although, judging from this story there are some gun nuts who believe no age is to young for children to have access to guns. To be fair, some gun nuts just want kindergarten teachers armed like Rambo. Nor reassuring.

If You Outlaw Guns Only Outlaws Will Have Guns
This is the second oldest canard in the gun nut holster. Probable if best proof this is a lie is Dodge City, Kansas in 1880. This is the Dodge City of Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson. Guns were absolutely outlawed within the city limits for everybody but law enforcement. Policemen were authorized to shoot on sight anyone carrying a gun.

Most outlaws get their guns from legal gun owners. More than half of the guns in illegal hands were sold by corrupt gun dealers. "Straw purchases" are where a legal buyer purchase guns specifically to turn around and sell them on the black market. Then there are the gun shows where unlicensed dealers advertise they sell guns with "no background checks required."

The Second Amendment
This is the biggest lie in the gun nut arsenal. The Second Amendment provides states the absolute right to form militia for self-defense without interference from the federal government. The clear structure of the sentence is that the right "to keep and bear arms" is a subordinate clause to the statement that "a well regulated militia" is necessary to the security of a free state. The right to arms is totally restricted by state militia regulations. Period. English Grammar 101.


Last Paradise said...

sadly, even our somewhat liberal friends are now thinking of getting concealed permits here in FL. FL already has the most of any state and I would imagine NE Florida where we are has a good percentage of them.

I think the only outcome we can hope for is to limit the availability of the large round clips. I always tell people to compare the types of weapons available to the framers. the second amendment does not allow us to have our own nuclear warheads, so why should it allow anything the NRA can dream up?

Anonymous said...

The prospect of all of the stressed out or otherwise off-center people you run into during the day all having guns cannot possibly make anyone feel safer.