Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Modest Proposal Regarding Guns

Conservatives love the Originalist interpretation of the Constitution as expressed by Antonin Scalia which believes the Constitution should be interpreted only as the original authors would have understood it. With that in mind here is how the Second Amendment ought to be enforced.

Absolutely Allowed Weapons
All these conditions must be met.
  • Must have a flintlock firing mechanism.
  • Must be muzzle loading only.
  • Must be single-shot only with no magazine.
  • No rifling on any barrel shorter than three feet long.
  • Reloading time must take at least 30 seconds when done by an expert.
Weapons allowed by the Second Amendment:
Bows, knives, and other non-fire arms.
Kentucky long rifle
This is a blunderbuss.

Weapons Absolutely Forbidden With No Exceptions

A Glock with extension can hold 27 rounds.
  • Magazine exceeding six bullets.
  • Shotguns with a magazine of any size.
  • Nuclear bombs, anti-aircraft missiles, RPG, other military-grade weapons.
  • Any bullet designed to expand on impact (dumdum bullet).
  • Any bullet designed to penetrate body armor (cop killer bullet).
Between these two extremes are weapons allowed as part of a "well regulated militia."  Such weapons may only be owned by active members of state authorized militias. Members must present all weapons monthly for inspection. Weapons may not be sold, gifted, or otherwise transferred to another party. Upon retirement the weapon is returned to the state armory. Possession of a firearm outside of a state authorized "well regulated militia" is a felony. Obviously, law enforcement and the regular military are excepted.

I'm not a fool. This utopia will never happen. There are millions of American gun owners who would happily sacrifice their wives and children, even their own lives, before giving up a single one of their precious guns. The demons have been released from Pandora's gun box and there is no hope remaining to balance the misery.


Katy Anders said...

It is clearly what the Founders intended!

Why doesn't Scalia see that?

Anonymous said...

Scalia is an ideologue who contorts interpretations of the law and constitution to fit his own beliefs.

Anonymous said...

You are truly an ignorant moron
A gun is to put food on the table and to protect your self form anyone and anything that may try to bring harm to you or loved ones and to protect your freedom thats why people have guns thats why people wont ever give them up