Friday, December 07, 2012

The Thing Is, I'm Not That Old

I watched "Death Valley Days" when it was hosted by the Old Ranger and not Ronald Reagan, watched "Leave It To Beaver" when Larry Mathews was tiny, and remember when Mary Tyler Moore was the sexist MILF on television.
Even the back of her head was titillating.
I've programmed computers using punch cards, plug boards, and removable storage that was 14 inches in diameter.
It would take more than 5,000 of these babies to fill one 160GB iPod and they would weigh 25 tons.

When I first protested the Vietnam War it was already seven years since the 1963 Lyndon Johnson escalation and 17 years since French colonists were driven out of Vietnam.
The war would continue for another five years.
I've used a rotary dial telephone, a manual typewriter, and those little plastic inserts that allowed you to play a 45-rpm record on a record player.
I've been on car trip vacations before the interstate highway system was constructed when there were water stops on the road over the Tehachapi Mountains because many car radiators couldn't make the crossing without overheating.
Smart drivers carried an extra water pouch too.
I've watched the Yosemite Firefall more than once.
And to me the most amazing advance is still computer spell checkers.

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Anonymous said...

The biggest things to me are __
(1) the ability to write documents and change them on the spot. Couldn't do that with typewriters. This is such a time saver.
(2) The ability to access information instantaneously (even though sometimes it is hard to sort out fact from fiction given the efforts of people to rewrite reality and history). I cannot remember how we got along without that.

And the thing I use each and every day is my iPod. The ability to access music whenever and wherever I am is fabulous. Steve Jobs had that exactly right.