Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Election Postmortem

- Last night's election was pretty much the best reasonably possible outcome I could have hoped for.

- I mean, even Allen West lost! Perfect would have been Michelle Bachmann losing too.

- It is truly remarkable how the Republican Party has become exclusively a White Peoples Party. No demographic breakdown is as extreme as race. Romney won by a landslide with white male Protestants, he just lost everybody else. Mitt Romney is President if this was 1856.

- All Republicans have to do to win is repeal the 15th and 19th amendments to the Constitution.

- Voter suppression efforts will accelerate as they try to do just that.

- Nate Silver hit the superfecta, he called every state race correctly (except maybe Florida but that's like trying to wager on a three-legged horse race). He is one hell of a Hoboken bookie.

- The rending of clothes, tearing out of hair, and gnashing of teeth over at conservative blogs is jolly fun reading. According the Republicans, Armageddon can't come a moment too soon.

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Anonymous said...

The outcome was good. That it was so close is pretty depressing. Voter suppression turned out not to significantly affect the outcome.

Ed Schultz spent part of his show this morning singing Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" -- "How does it feel..." Glenn Beck spent the morning telling of the coming apocalypse. But, then, what's new there.