Friday, November 09, 2012

Election Postmortem - Parte Dos

- Bill Clinton deserves tons of credit for Barack Obama's reelection. From his kick-ass convention speech to election day, Bubba was far and away the most effective surrogate on the planet.

- Republicans believe God supported Obama. They won't say so explicitly but they do blame Hurricane Isaac for disrupting their convention and Hurricane Sandy for hurting Romney's last week. Two acts of God book-ended the campaign and both helped the President.

- One of the fun parts of Republicans carrying so many guns is when they start a post election circular firing squad they use live ammo.

- Democrats took the total Congressional vote by a whisker but won only 45% of house seats. This means Republican gerrymandering of congressional districts in 2011 was the only thing that kept them in the game.

- I think both Mitt and Ann Romney came to believe Mitt was anointed by God and Mormon prophesy to be President so losing came as a massive shock and has caused a crisis of faith for them.

- I am most proud of the Democratic voters in Florida who stood in line for hours to cast their votes. Rick Scott tried everything he could to prevent minorities from voting. He failed because of the anonymous thousands who refused to be turned away from the polls.
They are heroes, every one.

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