Saturday, November 10, 2012

...And Take Oklahoma With You

They're at it again. Texas wingnuts are clamoring for secession.
Of course, this is the same Texas that just four months ago was begging for federal bailouts because of drought. In fact, Texans crawls back to Washington every few months seeking federal money for one local fuck up or another. Texas leads the nation in disaster relief requests.

Go already! I promise you there is not a Democrat in either house of Congress that will lift a finger to stop you. The nation as a whole will stand and cheer the day Texas leaves the Union. And, while you are at it, take Oklahoma with you.


Anonymous said...

All those people that argue that government is too involved in their lives never explain what they don't want government to do (except for the Randians whole would just as soon have all weak or poor people rot). It's all rhetoric. And all of them are happy to take advantage of government services -- but would die before acknowledging that they have actually done so.

It would not break my heart to see Texas, S. Carolina, Mississippi, and a host of other "states rights" states secede, as grim reality for them would be pretty unpleasant. But, it is still probably a bad idea, so it is just idle musings.

Fowl Ideas said...

If you think Texans are nuts, you'll love this.

Anonymous said...

Spoken like a true democrat going down with its ship.