Thursday, October 07, 2010

War Notes

America Is Still Arming the Taliban
It is really no surprise that the United States government is providing military computers, guns, uniforms, even at least one Humvee to the Taliban. We've been doing it for several decades now. It is just a matter of fair play to insure that the other side in a war has access to quality weapons.

Officially, the material is being "stolen," although most of it is probably being sold cheap by the civilian contractors moving the container trucks. But the bottom line is that the United States military is the principal supplier of weapons to the Taliban rebels we are fighting.

It Worked For Black Jack Pershing
The US Army is quietly working across the border in Mexico. Most disturbing is that the notorious School of the Americas is "training" Mexican soldiers. The SOA taught torture techniques to military thugs from Guatemala to Chile. When SOA trained generals pull their Mexico City coup (it is just a matter of time) and institute the kind of martial law the SOA teaches the Mexican people will look back at the time of the drug wars as "El Tiempo Tranquilo."

The Iraq War
The Iraq War has killed 4,424 American servicemembers with another 31,967 wounded. While their designation has changed and the 50,000 troops still there are mostly hiding in their barracks they will continue to die seemingly forever.

US Army Officers Are Cowards
A little factoid I discovered. While the ratio of enlisted to officer in the US Army is 6 to 1, eleven enlisted men die in Iraq  for every officer killed. While the grunts are out there getting shot and killed for their country, the officers are kicking back poolside in the Green Zone sucking pina colada. It is what passes for leadership in the modern military.
The Palace Pool, Green Zone, Baghdad

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geral sosbee said...

United States Army Intelligence Officer , ROTC, files a false report against Geral Sosbee and then, in apparent concert with the fbi/police fraudulent attempted sting and criminal assault (by a low level operative) against Sosbee, the government thugs seek a way to imprison him.