Monday, October 25, 2010

San Diego Chargers Redefine Pathetic

Yesterday I wasted yet another Sunday afternoon watching the San Diego Chargers play at playing football. At the time I was comparing them to the old Ryan Leaf Chargers, but that isn't fair. The Chargers then were all around pathetic. They had a man-child at quarterback and their best player was their punter (Darren Bennett).

The 2010 Chargers may be the best pathetic team in sports history. They lead the league in offensive stats and lead in defensive stats. They also lead the league in having kicks blocked, kicks returned for touchdowns, and fumbles lost. And they definitely lead the league in stupid. They have a funny habit of leaving live balls lying on the ground unattended for the other team to pick up.

The Chargers are so bad they will stink up the field for three quarters. So good they can come back to almost tie anyway. And so stupid they will take a dumb penalty in the last seconds to lose the game.

Football as farce.

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