Saturday, October 30, 2010

Short Takes

Operation Chaos
Maybe its because I'm an anarchist but I kinda like this Palinesque idea to disrupt the Alaska Senatorial election. A couple hundred Alaskans have filed as write-in candidates with the intention of confusing and sabotaging Lisa Murkowski's write-in campaign. It is neither illegal nor underhanded.

The Real Operation Chaos
There was a real Operation Chaos. This was an illegal CIA domestic spying program that was authorized during the Eisenhower Administration, grew during Johnson's presidency, and became a monster waging war against the American people under Richard Nixon.

Cracked Concrete
Show of hands. How many people were surprised to learn that Halliburton cutting corners may have led to the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster? Shoddy practices in search of greater profits has Halliburton's business model for well over a decade. That doesn't excuse BP. Everyone knows the only reason to hire Halliburton is their wide variety of sex slaves

Because They Made 'Em
Robert Reich wonders why business leaders aren't standing up to the Tea Party loons. Silly goose. Business leaders made and funded the Tea Party movement as a gaggle of useful idiots. In January, those business leaders expect to see Rand Paul and Sharron Angle hidden away on the Subcommittee of Hunger, Nutrition, and Family Farms while their earmarks and tax breaks are grown even larger. They expect to put them to sleep with impeachment hearings and excite them with the prospects of a nice, profitable war with Iran.

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