Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Real Fake ID Industry

The whole No Fly and Terrorist Watch List thing is a joke not just because it is being run by lazy bureaucrats. Oh no. What makes it a joke is that for a few thousand dollars you can buy absolutely real, phony, identity papers.

I stumbled on this morning. This is a full service business that provides "alternative identification" documents. If you are cheap, for just €900 you can get a fake passport from a nonexistent country, like Zanzibar.

Spend more money, €2600 gets a French passport, and they will create a document with all the security features of a real passport. But it gets better. Spend €35,000 and they can provide an absolutely 100% genuine diplomatic passport (from a South American country) that can get you through customs and grant actual diplomatic immunity.

For me, the best deal is the Full New Identity Package. For only €1500 you can get the whole magilla. You'll get a birth certificate from their "missing persons database" plus a passport. "All legitimate and fully registered documents" for your new, fake, ID.

And just to show the trustworthy kind of clientele they service, they insist on being paid in full in advance. This is not a service priced for illegal aliens. This is a service for corrupt businessmen, drug traffickers, politicians with foreign mistresses, and well funded terrorists. And they have a shitload of lawyers to insure it is all perfectly legal.

Are you just looking to duck out on debt or an ex-wife, con some widow out of her life savings, or buy the explosives to blow up a federal building and don't want to spend a lot of money on phony papers? The Espionage Store offers fake ID, including a fake college degree, for only $69. Do-it-yourselfers will want to use Eden Press, for only $25 you can buy a book that will teach you to fake your own identity.


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