Friday, October 22, 2010

The Juan Williams Experience

I guess I have to write about this guy. Geez!

I haven't heard a single word he's said in a decade. Back when he hosted "Talk of the Nation" on NPR I quickly realized that Juan Williams was an idiot. Not your run of the mill stupid person but a certifiable dope. It wasn't any one thing he said, just his general lack of critical, or even any, thinking. I stopped listening to TOTN and whenever he showed up as a commentator I would click off the radio.

Not being exposed to Juan Williams has made my life infinitely less stressful. (I also would turn off Cokie Roberts but that was because I kept picturing her calling in her reports from bed dressed in a nightie (shudder!).

I wasn't surprised when I found out that Williams was being paid to be the token everything on FOX. It fit him. Now he is adding being a professional victim to his FOX creds. The fact is Williams should have been fired years ago not for any specific comment but because any intern from Georgetown University would have done a better job.

While we are at it, what exactly is that "Muslim garb" Williams is seeing on airplanes all of the time? Granted, Muslim women will wear those terrifying headscarves, but what are the men wearing that gets Williams pissing his pants?

I've never seen anyone in the United States wearing a thobe or a ghutra. Maybe he is thinking of the number of black Americans who wear kufi caps? Yet the kufi is an ethnic, not a religious cap. Virtually all the Americans wearing kufis are Protestants.

But, then, as I have said, Juan Williams is an idiot.

Ceasar's Wife
As long as I'm dissing professional idiots, how about Clarence Thomas' wife? Here's a woman who is just a high-tech whore. She gets shit-faced one morning after her husband spent the night screwing his mistress and calls some innocent woman with crazy talk. Poor Anita Hill has spent the past two decades just trying to live a quiet life and she gets harassed out of the blue by the wife of the man who used to harass her. Why won't they just leave her alone?

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Anonymous said...

The only annoying thing about the Juan Williams firing is the feeble explanation from NPR. Why didn't they just admit that Williams had been an embarrassment for years, and this was just the final straw.

And, the right wing nut reacts? They are nothing if not predictable.

OTOH, Thomas, Scalia and Roberts are downright scary.