Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chemical Weapons Are a Constitutional Right

An interesting little cause celeb among conservatives is the case of a woman convicted on federal charges for using the United States mail to try to poison her philandering husband (Bond v. US). It's a case now before the Supreme Court that conservatives hope will obliterate two centuries of case law.

The focus for conservatives is their belief that the Commerce Clause in the Constitution does not allow the federal government to interfere with a citizen's right to accumulate and disperse chemical weapons. They content that is purely a local matter.

On a grander scale, conservatives intend to use this case to wipe out a plethora federal rules from health care, to CAFE standards, to firearms, to the minimum wage. Conservatives are rallying to this murderous woman because they believe she can kill the federal government.
It is all part of their nostalgia for the days when an American terrorist could send chemical weapons to politicians without the Feds interfering.

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