Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Zoellick Picked for World Bank

I can't say I didn't predict this because, hell, I did predict this. One of the early advocate of "regime change" in Iraq, Robert Zoellick is a philosophical clone of Paul Wolfowitz. He believes in United States unilateralism and that the world is divided into two camps - those who acquiesce to the United States on all matters, and evil-doers. He has been a strong advocate of "free trade" but only insofar as United States businesses gain advantage from it.

As president of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick will see and use the World Bank as an extention of United States foreign policy. He will be good for Darfur (which has been his cause for a while), and will probably use the World Bank to pound third-world countries into servile obedience to the United States. He will be better than Wolfowitz, but that is not praise. It is like saying that lung cancer is better than cancer of the liver.


"The Rake" said...

Well said.

It will become his platform.

He finally gets his stage.

two crows said...
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