Thursday, May 03, 2007

Vacation Time

The Iraqi parliament sees no urgency in matters of war and peace. There are uninterested in the death and destruction the on-going civil war has brought to Iraq. They don't give a flying fig about their country. Just about their only action this year has been deciding to go on vacation from July to September, perhaps longer.

I understand their thinking, I really do. It gets hot in Baghdad in the summer and the electricity is seldom working. Who wants to spend a summer dodging bullets, sand fleas, car bombs, and assassination attempts when you can take your purloined reconstruction money and laze along the French Riviera for a few months? Besides, it gets lonely being a member of the Iraq parliament; few of their colleagues ever bother showing up. Quorums are rare events in Baghdad.

The American soldiers in country will get no summer vacations. I am certain that the Iraqis who are fighting to drive the American occupiers out of their country will not be taking any vacation days, either. At least the Iraqis have learned one lesson about democracy from the American President, George Bush - that democracy is all about how to idle away those long summer days having fun while the ignorant peons die.

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PoliShifter said...

Every time I read about the Iraq Parliamnet taking the summer off, I get pissed. Practically the only reason why our troops are in Iraq is to protect the Iraq Government and keep it functioning.

So our troops will be working all day and night through the hot summer to protect a government that's not even in session. Brilliant.

Sounds like this whole thing is going to fall apart regardless if we stay in Iraq or not.