Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pity Poor San Diego

San Diego, my little corner of the universe, has never been a hotbed of honest government. In 2005 we had one mayor resign because of a pension fund scandal and, three months later, his replacement was found guilty of taking bribes.

Election Plague
This time around, we look to be trying to corner the market on election fraud. San Diego recently hired Michael Vu, famed in Ohio for screwing up Cleveland's elections. They topped that by adding Deborah Seiler, a former Diebold sales rep. The experience of her time in Solano County, where she worked for three years, seems to prove that "once a Diebold sales rep, always a Diebold sales rep." Both these people will work for acting Registrar of Voters Mischelle Townsend, who made a scandal out of Riverside County elections. With this triumvirate supervising San Diego elections one thing is certain, voting will be a waste of time. These three will decide who will win weeks before the vote and then rig the numbers to fit.

Death for Hire
There won't be anyone protesting the elections if local planners have their way. Blackwater USA, the famed mercenary army, wants to build a military base in San Diego's backcountry. Blackwater is getting an accelerated environmental review and a general fast track from the Potrero Planning Group. It is true that every member of the Planning Group is facing a recall over this but, they don't need to worry. The people who will be counting the votes on any recall election are the trio in the previous paragraph. "Forgone conclusion," anyone? The only question is whether the trio will rig the count gratis or for future considerations.
San Diego's elections promise to be the least honest, least disputed elections in the history of the Western Hemisphere. Once those black-shirted mercs start marching around, who will have the courage to disagree with election results?


Dmitry said...

Do you know, how many objects like that are situated in USA? I mean - why San Diego? AFAIK, they have enough political support and great financial backend - they can build almost everywhere. (sorry for my poor english)

PoliShifter said...

That's a pretty fucking scarey prospect.

Imagine having the black shirts run patrol on election day just to "make sure" no one is causing trouble.

I live in south orange county...clos enough for me to be concerned. I'm surprised the OC hasn't offered tax breaks and incentives to lure BlackWater here. The majority of people here would love to goose step around the neighborhood with the blackshirts.

I for the life of me cannot figure out why our government wants to outsouurce military and pay more for the same services we used to get with our own military.

I take that back, I do understand why, I just can't believe it. But it's happening right in front of my eyes.

It never freakin ceases to amaze me how low people will stoop to make some money off the backs of tax payers.