Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mad Government Hides Mad Cows

Republicans believe in free enterprise, the market place of ideas, providing customers with choices, and freeing businesses to do what they believe is the best way to conduct their business.

Hogwash! Nothing could be further from the truth. Republicans believe in state socialism for large corporations. Consider the case of the small beef producer Creekstone Farms. They had wanted to test all of their animals for Mad Cow Disease to insure they only sell the highest quality product. The large beef producers are afraid that if Creekstone tests all of their animals it will give them a competitive advantage. The U.S. Department of Agriculture, supporting big business against small business and fighting to keep customers ignorant, has gone to court to prevent Creekstone Farms from testing their animals. (for more on the organic foods movement, see here)

This is an impressive crowd. The 'haves' and 'the have-mores.' Some people call you the 'elite.' I call you my base. ~ George Bush at a black-tie fundraiser in 2000

This is not an isolated example. The push by Republicans to aide Walmart in driving small businesses into bankrupcy is well know. Walmart is one of a several huge corporations (Halliburton is another) that have incestuous relationships with the Republican government. There is a word that describes the economic structure of the United States today. It is not "capitalism," the word is Oligopolism, an economy that is driven by a few, extremely large businesses.

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