Monday, May 07, 2007

Heartland Insecurity

Welcome, Kansans, to Homeland Security - New Orleans-style. Like post-Katrina New Olreans, rescue and recovery efforts in tornado plagued Kansas is crippled by National Guard equipment and manpower shortages caused by the Iraq War.

You'd think Bush would want to look after them. After all, Kiowa County, where the town of Greensburg was before the wraith of God wiped it from the face of the Earth, was Bush Country if ever there was one. The voters are 97 percent white and heavily Republican. They believe in keeping the Bible in their public schools and science out - believing an ignorant child is a godly child. They are everything George Bush says he cherishes. Yet they suffer because George Bush ransacked the Kansas National Guard to supply his war. In the final analysis, Bush valued his effort to kill brown-skinned Muslims more than he cared for the good citizens of Kansas.

Kansas, of course, is not a special case. Homeland Security has been compromised across the country because Bush has denuded all of this country's National Guard forces.

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