Monday, October 19, 2015

Three Crazy Beliefs Some People Have

With the continuing irrational popularity of Donald Trump and Ben Carson I thought I'd explore some other crazy things people believe.

Flat Earth
It's hard to believe there are still people convinced that the Earth is flat, the Greeks figured out it was round over two millennia ago and even accurately calculated the circumference. I've never met a believer (I've also never met a Carson supporter) yet they appear to exist. And they believe there is a vast international conspiracy of governments and scientists to cover up the fact that the Earth's South Pole is actually its outer rim. Many also subscribe to the Domed Earth Theory that there is a solid structure encasing the flat Earth. This guy thinks the dome is made of glass.

Hollow Earth
Okay, you are an advanced scientific thinker and accept the Earth is a globe, but what's inside? Certainly not a chewy nougat center like confectioners hope or a hot iron core like those silly scientists claim. Obviously, it's hollow. The flying saucers we see are not space aliens, because that would be insane, there are people living inside sending vehicles out to see what we surface dwellers are doing. This theory contends that Adm. Robert Byrd flew into the center of the Earth through its polar openings. They also say that Hitler escaped into the hollow Earth.

Geocentric Theory
If you are a fundamentalist who is certain that the Earth is God's crowning creation you can't accept the scientific position that our planet is just a rock orbiting a nondescript yellow star on the outskirts of a mediocre galaxy in a universe with billions of galaxies. No, our planet has to be special. The sun must revolve around the Earth even if that doesn't make any sense. But that is not good enough. According to Robert Sungenis (PhD in religious studies not any science) the whole of the universe revolves around the Earth and all evidence to the contrary are Satanic lies.


Katy Anders said...

Don't give Dr. Carson any ideas, please.

I read a book on hollow Earth theories once. My favorite was a theory that we were INSIDE the hollow Earth. It told of a story of a scientist who tried to convince Hitler that if he had sufficiently strong telescopes, he'd be able to see the lands that lay across the way, so to speak.

It didn't say what happened to the scientist. said...

I am currently reading the book "Brief history of time" by Stephen Hawking. In the begging he also describes ancient people's beliefs about the Earth and outer space. Very inserting!