Friday, October 23, 2015

Hillary, Hurricanes, and Hubris

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Hurricane Patricia
That hurricane poised to slam into Puerto Vallarta has sustained winds of 200 mph. That makes it an F4 tornado the size of Texas. One to two feet of rain is predicted and a storm surge well in excess of ten feet added to a four foot high tide. The devastation it will bring will make Katrina look line a spring drizzle.

Hillary and the Seven Dwarfs

I couldn't have done it. Eleven hours of that shit and I would not have resisted making snarky comments, loudly drumming my fingers on the table, and cutting off the inquisitors repeatedly demanding they "get to the point, we only have 63 more shopping days until Christmas." Martha Roby (R-AL) wins the clueless prize for the most unwittingly sexually suggestive question (above). The seven Republicans on the committee came off like they have a collective IQ under 50. All they managed to do is make Hillary Clinton look totally and completely presidential.

Carson Leads Trump in Iowa
Ben Carson, the Party of God candidate for President, has replaced Donald Trump at the top of the meaningless polls in Iowa. Expected as Iowa is the state that gave us Presidents Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee. Of course Iowa Republicans would support a man who promises to turn the Department of Education into a Gestapo tasked with purging liberal and non-religious thinking from college campuses.
I think most people, when they fin­ish that course[AP History], they’d be ready to go sign up for IS­IS. ~ Ben Carson
Okay, so the first quote is fake. But the wonderful thing about Dr. Carson is he has so many other crazy statements to choose from

Linc, We Hardly Knew Ya
Not that we really wanted to know either you or Jim Webb. There are many reasons to make hopeless runs for President. Some are grifters (Huckabee, Carson) looking to scam gullible rubes. Some people are unemployed, bored, and just looking for something to pass the time (Fiorina, Santorum), and some people have a particular issue they want to publicize (Lawrence Lessig). I never figured out why Lincoln Chaffee ran. Now, I probably never will know.

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Did Ben Carson say slavery was the "best thing that could have happened" to blacks?

Snopes False

Still funny! thanks