Friday, October 02, 2015

A Well Regulated Militia, Being Necessary to the Security of a Free State

Another day, another mass shooting.
Another round of worthless prayers for the victims.
Another series of statements from rational people that something must be done.
More rants from gun fetishists that the only solution is more guns, more guns, more guns!!
MSNBC interviewed a student at Umpqua College last night who was on campus and conceal carrying a firearm. He and his buddies briefly looked for the gunman before they realized if police saw them wandering the campus carrying guns the authorities would shoot them where they stood. The "good guys with a gun" hid until rescued by police.
Gun fetishists love saying "guns don't kill people, people kill people." Guns just facilitate the hell out of the process. A gun makes it possible for a toddler to kill his mother. Guns makes it easier for someone momentarily despondent to kill themselves (20,000 Americans a year commit suicide with a gun). It would take ninja skills to kill a dozen people with a knife but any dolt can do it with a gun.
There is a rational, fully Constitutional way to reduce this insane gun violence. No, it won't stop all lunatics from getting guns (drunks drive cars). It won't fully keep guns from criminals (crooks steal cars). But it will make it more likely that guns are in the hands of responsible parties trained to use them. The word "regulated" is right there in the Second Amendment. Use it!
But it won't happen. There is too much money in the "guns for everyone" movement. A substantial portion of the population are married to their weapons and I do mean in a sexually deviant way. Gun fetishists act as if regulation is not symbolic but actual castration.

There will be another mass shooting next week, and the week following. Hell, there will probably be a mass shooting somewhere in the United States today, and tomorrow and the next day. And two on Sunday. Ubiquitous guns is one reason the United States is far from the greatest nation on Earth.

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