Thursday, October 29, 2015

Another 'Debate'

Another "debate" (I don't know what these are but the are not anything like debates), another two hours I did not waste. But I did invest a few minutes reading the reviews.

'Liberal Media'
Republicans love bashing the liberal media and did so very openly last night. Ironically, CNBC is unabashedly libertarian and less "liberal" than FOX news. An on-air tirade by CNBC reporter Rick Santelli started the Tea Party movement. Erick Erickson singled out Jim Cramer for praise yet Cramer has been the sole Obama supporter on the network.

CNBC Talking Heads
Business reporting is where people go when they can't get a job in real journalism. They don't bother researching or knowing facts because their jobs are to make facile generalizations ("The market rose by 100 points today because GE reported earnings one cent above expectations.") on complex microeconomics beyond their ken. As interviewers they are tasked with helping CEOs do PR. Getting a reputation for probing questions of CEOs is a quick way to get fired.

Poor Jeb!
I'm really beginning to feel sorry for Jeb Bush. Marco Rubio pulled down Jeb's pants and spanked his bare fanny early last night. Jeb spent the rest of the debate curled up in a corner weeping softly. Jeb will never be President, the only remaining question is whether he can regain some small dose of family honor before withdrawing.

Most say Rubio. I would say it's St. Cornelius. He is the patron saint of earache sufferers. Given the astonishing number of bald-faced lies told by the candidates and allowed to stand by the ill-informed moderators, I suspect thousands of people were praying for Cornelius to intercede and end their torment. 

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