Sunday, October 04, 2015

Gloria Threw Up on the Bus

Sic transit gloria mundi -- Thus passes the glory of the world. Or, things that make me want to vomit.

Presidential Candidates Urge War With Russia
Carly Fiorina and Hillary Clinton have suggested establishing "no-fly" zones over parts of Syria and threatened to shoot down any Russian planes that violate them. Of course, such an action would quickly lead to war with Russia and the slaughter on the plain of Megiddo that fundamentalist Christians so passionately long for. What is it about lady politicians that they have to prove themselves as a potential Commander-in-Chief by being crazy-ass belligerents?

Massacre Profiteers
As sure as radioactive fallout follows a nuclear explosion, gun dealers jump on every mass shooting to market their most profitable firearms. These merchants of death have souls so befouled even Satan would reject them.

To Protect and Serve and Kill
American police continue their war of attrition against the American people. Police killed 101 people last month. Among them was an unarmed man in a wheelchair and an unarmed man suspected of passing a forged prescription, a misdemeanor. There were three cases where police killed two people during the same incident. Police must feel they have to double up their killings to make their quotas.

Friday Night Deaths
Three high schoolers died of football injuries this month bringing the total for the year to five. On average, 12 American footballers at all levels die every year. And many, many more have crippling brain and body injuries that lead to premature death. Given how much we love shooting people, having a national pastime that kills children is perfectly consistent.

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