Tuesday, October 06, 2015

South Carolina Floods

Some random thoughts on the South Carolina floods.

How Capricious Thou Art
Suggestion: Trust somebody else.
Lots of people are placing the blame for this once a millennium flooding on God. Michelle Bachmann says the floods are punishment for the United States not being sufficiently pro-Israel. Michelle doesn't explain why God would choose the rightmost notch of the Bible Belt for His wraith. Pat Robertson says gay marriage is the reason and God will eventually flood all fifty states - Texas was first, then South Carolina. Given the politics of both of the states He was more likely punishing them for opposed marriage equality.

By the way, Pat, there will probably be flooding in California this winter. I don't have to be a religious prophet to predict this. I just need to know the nature of the cyclical oscillations of water temperatures in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean.

Two Feet
This sandwich is two feet tall.
Parts of South Carolina had over two feet of rain. It's hard to picture how much rain that is. It is two years worth of rain for Southern California. I did the math, enough rain fell on the city of Charleston, SC this week to supply their 130,000 residents with all their water needs for a decade. Except, it all ran out to sea.

Water, Water, Everywhere, Nor Any Drop to Drink
All that rain means, ironically, that the state capitol, Columbia, has no water. Flood waters breached a levee, draining the reservoir that supplies the city with water. I wanted to make a joke here but can't think of one. If God is responsible (see above) than that bastard has a truly sick sense of humor.

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Katy Anders said...

Seems to be the least effective way God could come up with to make his point.

Misdirected passive aggression on His part, perhaps?