Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Democratic Debate: Smart and Genteel

Wow! what a contrast!
A five-hander makes for so much better television. There were adults who want to talk about substantial policies and people who treat each other with kindness rather than childish vitriol.

The Winners
Hillary - Most people agree she killed it. Knowledgeable, personable, in total command of the night. Even conservatives agree she did well but they are trying spin the theory that she, somehow, must have cheated. Hillary probably put to sleep the notion that Joe Biden had to mount his white horse and ride to the rescue of the establishment.

Bernie - Had the big video moment when he spoke up for Hillary and shut up the media by saying, "Enough of the emails. Let's talk about the real issues facing America." He displayed something I had begun to think was impossible, he stated his policy positions firmly without being the least bit mean or angry. If Hillary hit a home run, Bernie hit a stand-up triple.

Anderson Cooper -  He also did something I had begun to think impossible. He moderated perfectly, kept the candidates on point, and didn't ask any dumb-ass questions. (like these)

The Others
O'Malley - Didn't shine as brightly as Hill and Bern but stated his policy positions with conviction without anything resembling a gaffe. He did well but was overshadowed by the two people stage right.

Webb - Most telling for me is how Republican sites like Redstate and National Review liked Webb and thought he'd make a fine "unity" Vice-President along side Trump or Carson. He had a undignified moment when he whined about not getting enough screen time thereby wasting the time he did have.

Chaffee - I really felt sorry for poor Lincoln. He got only nine minutes out of the two hour session and made it seem like too much time.

Enemy Question
Anderson Cooper did take a shot at asking a dumb final question when he asked, "Which enemy are you most proud of?" But with serious, intelligent people such a question can bring insightful answers. 
Chaffee stumbled around his answer but did make clear his environmental focus.
O'Malley said just four words, "the National Rifle Association." Strong and to the point.
Clinton rattled off a laundry list before concluding with "Republicans" to rousing applause.
Sanders gave a shorter list of two worthy enemies including Wall Street.
Webb said the guy he shot in Vietnam. Weird for Democrats but Republicans loved it.

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