Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What I Believe

I believe...

The Pope is resigning because he is sick. I've thought that homophobic misogynist was a sick, deeply disturbed individual since he was a 14 year-old Nazi.

Chris Dorner is a murderous sociopath. At the same time I believe the LAPD is and has been a corrupt street gang that routinely engages in recreational torture.

President Obama is most similar to Grover Cleveland. Both were far better than any of their Republican opponents but both surrendered too easily to Wall Street aristocrats.

Malala Yousufzai deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. She is the Pakistani girl shot by the Taliban for advocating the education of women. Her courage and dedication deserve to be celebrated and encouraged.

Republicans hate Americans. They intend to trash the economy to punish America for reelecting the President. Republicans would filibuster an Arbor Day resolution if it were proposed by President Obama.


Anonymous said...

The whole Catholic church leadership is sick and twisted. They hate gays and women, but love sexual abuse. Indeed, they love it so much that not only do they shelter the abusers, they divert money intended to to maintain cemetery property to pay off sex abuse claims. The concept of ethics absolutely fails them. Past popes hoped to be ignorant of the scope of this sickness. This pope learned all about it, and then ignored it and fought those who had been abused by the church's priests. And, the poor lambs who follow these sick people, like lambs being led to slaughter, innocently follow a sick church led by sick and arrogant people.

Katy Anders said...

Obama is only half the President that Cleveland was.

Oh, wait. I mean, he's only counted as half the number of Presidents that Cleveland is. (Cleveland is counted twice in our list of 44 Presidents.)