Friday, February 08, 2013

American Police State: Beserker Division

It's safe to say the LAPD is scared shitless. Yesterday morning police in Torrence shot up a car carrying two petite Latino women, wounding both, who they had mistaken for a 277 pound black male. The police made no warning before they riddled the car with bullets. The women had made the critical error of delivering newspapers from a blue pickup truck in a neighborhood where a Los Angeles police officer targeted by a lunatic ex-cop lives.

A short time later other police officers spotted a similar truck nearby and emptied their weapons on it also without warning, their panicked gunfire failed to hit the driver.

The Madnesss of Chris Dorner
I am a lunatic with lethal combat skills. ~ Xena
The cause of this hysteria is a rogue police officer who has vowed to kill as many Los Angeles police officers, and their families, as he can.

Simply put, Dorner broke the Blue Code of Silence and ratted out fellow officers who had abused prisoners. The LAPD ignored Dorner's accusations and then fired his ass for being a disloyal cop. Dorner thought about things for a couple of years and decided his best course of action was to go batshit insane.
I want him DEAD! I want his family DEAD! I want his house burned to the GROUND! ~ Al Capone, the Untouchables
He has published a manifesto announcing his plans to kill corrupt Los Angeles cops, up to Chief of Police Charlie Beck. He also plans to kill their families because Dorner has no family of his own. To the joy of conservative commentators, Dorner used his manifesto to praise Piers Morgan and Barack Obama.

Dorner has already put his plan into action, killing the daughter of one of his police targets and her fiance. He has ambushed a few cops as well, killing one.

Dorner is not some jihadist or KKK survivalist. He is not an amateur wacko. He is a government trained killer determined to take as many police with him to his grave.

As of now police forces have Dorner pinned down in the San Bernardino Mountains. Or Las Vegas. Or San Diego. Or Arizona. Or Mexico. Basically they have Dorner trapped somewhere between the North Pole and the Equator.

Until Dorner is caught (fuck that, they intend to shot him down like a mad dog, collateral victims be damned) nobody in Southern California is safe either from Dorner or the police hunting for him.

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