Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lying Liars

I still want to parse the SOTU address but let's get rid of a few minor stories.

Stiffing the Citizenry
Remember that $1.2 million reward that was offered for information on murderous rogue cop Chris Dorner? Well, that was all a lie. Now that the most wanted man since Osama bin Laden is a smoldering pile of ash (allegedly) the smart money is predicting that officials will invoke the fine print clauses in the reward offer and keep all the money.

Rubio's Watergate
Marco Rubio's lunge for water during the official reply to the State of the Union address was a sign that Rubio is not ready for prime time, but not for the reason you think. The reply to the SOTU is prerecorded. Rubio did multiple takes of his short speech, at least one in Spanish. Between flop sweat and blown lines, the take where Rubio reaches awkwardly for a little water was just his least worse performance. His takes after that one were pathetic.

Crying for the Caroline
Mark Sanford, last seen abandoning his wife, children, and responsibilities as governor of South Carolina to chase tail in Argentina, is back. The truth is there are few jobs available for serial liars with a proven history of gross betrayal except as Republican politicians.

The Man In the Iron Mask
Israel is getting all Kafkaesque on her citizens. The story of "Citizen X," as far as what is known which is not very far, is chilling. It was only after he was tormented into committing suicide that a little of his story has been released. Arrested in secret and held secretly for crimes so secret only secret charges were ever filed, he was disappeared into a secret section of a prison. No one knew where or why he had disappeared.

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Anonymous said...

Your last item reminds me of Nabokov's Invitation to a Beheading, where the guy was to be killed for "gnostical turpitude" -- undefined, but mainly seems to mean "being different".