Friday, April 29, 2011

Three Signs of the Coming Apocalypse

We Are Running Out of Helium
The second lightest element in creation. That party gas we put in balloons and inhale so we can sound like Mickey Mouse. The reason is that the US, which has large stockpiles, is selling off those reserves at fire sale prices thanks to Congressional largess. In a decade, we will have to import helium at a price 100 times what we are selling it for today. Imagine birthdays with only lead balloons.

Tornadoes of the Century
The simple physics of tornadoes is that cold, dry air collides with warm, moist air causing the atmosphere to swirl violently. The Canadian plains and the Gulf of Mexico make excellent sources for tornado ingredients. The tornado swarm of last Wednesday, like the Japanese earthquake of last month, was extremely unlikely but not unprecedented. Whether global climate change has moved the Jet Stream causing the tornadoes is something we can't be certain of until it is way too late.

The Antarctic Time Vortex
It hasn't been reported by the mainstream media because of a massive coverup (or because it never happened), but scientists are said to have discovered a 12,000 year-old man-made structure under two miles of Antarctic ice. A US physicist, Mariann McLein (who apparently does not exist) is said to have encountered a spinning fog similar to what has been reported in the Bermuda Triangle that produced a time vortex.

I don't know how a map of arctic wind conditions (above) is meaningful here, but apparently it's a vital clue.

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