Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Birther Issue Reborn

My knee-jerk reaction on hearing that President Obama has released his birth certificate was disappointment. I have been entertained for two years by the bizarre ranting of the Birther movement. It was like hearing a favorite stupid sitcom (Cavemen) has been canceled. I should have had more faith in the resilient insanity of Republicans.

The charges of forgery are already being shouted. Orly Taitz claims that no one ever called an African an African in 1961 and this proves conspiracy. FoxNews is positioning itself to carry the forgery canard. I see continuing months of entertaining wingbattery. I love the idea that it's a forgery because, as anyone who watched Lost, which was filmed in Hawaii, knows nobody survives childbirth on that island.
There is a downside. Trump is getting all peacocky and claiming credit for the birth certificate release. Just what we need is to pump up his ego.

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