Thursday, March 26, 2009

What I Find Beautiful

I'm bored with politics today. There is nothing in the news that is, well, new. I'm trying to get worked up about Uberstalker Bill O'Reilly but the truth is he is an insignificant twerp (By the way, boycott the businesses that fund his abusive program, yeah?). So, at the risk of objectifying women...

I love raven haired women with bangs. That is Lucy Lawless at right. Her natural hair color is blond which just proves that God has no eye for beauty.

You gotta love glasses.
There is something about glasses and I'm not alone in this opinion.

All women should own hats.
This is not a modesty thing but were I king of the world I would make it a law that women wear hats. Women are more beautiful in hats. Any hat.
Well, maybe not any hat.

And, as long as I'm passing laws we need an emergency cloning program for Salma Hayek.

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