Monday, March 30, 2009

Sarah Palin Declares WAR on Alaskans

Palin has nominated as her Attorney General a man who would deprive Alaska's indigenous people the right to hunt and fish for their livelihoods. Wayne Anthony Ross, who has nicknamed himself WAR, is a fat, gun-totting, pasty-faced city boy who likes to pretend he's an outdoorsman. The most prominent thing about Ross,
besides his Disneylandish Hummer (right) and the Smith & Wesson he straps to his hip whenever he ventures into the wilds of downtown Anchorage, is his accumulation of hatreds.

Ross hates Philadelphia (and apparently meter, what a God-awful poet). He is homophobic. He's an attorney know for holding judges in contempt and getting away with it.
"He’s arrogant and opinionated, " Mendel said. "He shows up (in court) with his cowboy boots and cowboy hat and doesn’t stand up when the judge comes in. . . . He has a very definite view of the world." ~ MamaDance
But most of all, he hates native Alaskans. Ross is an outspoken opponent of the idea of rural Alaskans living off the land. He believes that when rural Alaskans hunt and fish for subsistence they are stealing from commercial and recreational activities. It would be like the Attorney General of Iowa demanding that family farms be declared illegal because they interfere with the profits of agribusiness conglomerates. He has promised to hire "junkyard dog" assistants to fight against federal support for rural subsistence.

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