Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Defenders of Elitism

It takes a special kind of ... something, I want to say shithead ... to stand in front of an outraged populous and boldly take the side of greedy, elitist crooks.

The boldest shithead is Rush Limbaugh. Denouncing the American people as a bunch of "peasants," Rush has come out foursquare in favor of the right of AIG criminals to bleed hundreds of millions of dollars into their personal bank accounts.

Certainly the dumbest shithead is Dana Perino. Perino is living proof that stupid is contagious and the time she spent with George Bush has permanently damaged her mind. Dana would have us believe that the multimillionaire traders in AIG's Financial Products division are simple "middle class" laborers.

The most cowardly shithead is Rick Santelli. Santelli attacked opponents of AIG bonus theft by claiming that $165 million is an insignificant amount, mere pennies. When someone, probably his boss at CNBC, pointed out that Santelli was setting himself up to be pilloried again for his anti-public, pro-elitist propaganda Santilli retreated faster than the Arctic icecap and denounced the bonuses he had earlier defended.

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