Sunday, March 15, 2009

Look To Truman to Solve the AIG Mess

So, AIG is contractually compelled to pay obscene bonuses to the very same employees who got them into their financial mess - the people who invested millions into credit default swaps for AIG. Well, Harry Truman had an answer for this.

In 1946 when coal miners and railroad workers went on wildcat strike and threatened to plunge the post WWII economy back into depression, Truman proposed drafting them into the United States Army. My Proposed Legislation:
For all businesses with assets greater than $1 billion where the Federal Government owns at least 67% of the company all employees in such companies as of March 10, 2009 are immediately inducted into the United States Army for service of not less than three years. Their individual ranks are to be assigned as the Commander-in-Chief deems best and their total compensation, including bonuses, may not exceed standard pay grades.
The thieves at AIG need to be taught a lesson that only a skilled drill sergeant can provide.

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I love it!!