Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Republicans Caught in Rush's Big Trap

Like a dog caught in a leg-hold trap, Republicans have been hopelessly snared by Rush Limbaugh's big mouth. Fearing the wrath of zombie-like Dittoheads, Republicans everywhere are fall in line behind Rush's "Hope for Failure" meme.

Michael Steele is still genuflecting to the Great Rushbo. Other Republican "leaders" (quotes used for sarcastic purposes) are robotically mimicking whatever flows from Rush's enormous piehole. All the while Limbaugh, like the drug addict he is, keeps increasing his dosage. Rush's latest is opposition to any economic recovery lest it may benefit President Obama.

Dittoheads believe that blogs like this indicate a fear of Limbaugh. Nothing can be further from the truth. The Limbaugh Effect is proving to the American people what I have known for some time. Radical Republicans are devoid of rational thought. Republicanism is pure insanity. I welcome Rush and expect Republicans to continue their terrified obsequiousness towards his drug-addled rants.

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