Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mount Jindal

Mount Redoubt is 100 miles from Sarah Palin's front porch. A month after Bobby Jindal, during his Kenneth the Page comedy routine, criticized the idea of monitoring volcanoes Mount Redoubt spat in Jindal's face by erupting. Jindal certainly celebrated the possibility that a volcano would elimnate Palin, Jindal's chief rival for the title of Dumbest Republican Governor in History. Although it looks like Sarah has been saved, for now. But if Jindal has his way monitoring of Mount Redoubt would stop and the next time the mountain erupts it will catch Palin's plane in a cloud of ash and send his rival to her fiery doom.

While I wish I was the first to think of this, Alaskans should rename the volcano Mount Jindal in memory of his monumental stupidity. There before me was 22 over 7, the Zoo, and Crooks and Liars.

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