Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Happiest Man in the World

Who was happiest the day after the American people elected Barack Obama president?
  • It was not Obama himself. After gaining the world's worst job made worst still by the unholy mess his predecessor was leaving, Obama was certainly thinking, "Oh, shit, what have I gotten myself into."
  • It was not Rush Limbaugh who knew his rating would grow now that he had a Democratic target.
  • It was not whoever the hell owns the copyrights to Ayn Rand's turgid screeds knowing that every Republican with ambitions to leadership would have to own and pretend to have read everything Rand wrote in the same way the English grad students have to pretend to have read the novels of James Joyce.
  • It wasn't even the publishers of Cliff Notes who would sell out their study guides to all those Republicans who were pretending to read Atlas Shrugged.
No, the happiest man in the world the day after Barack Obama was elected president was Levi Johnston.

Johnston, if you recall, is the baby daddy to Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol. Johnston had already been forced to get Bristol's name tattooed on his hand. If Sarah Palin had become vice-president then Johnston would have had to go through with his shotgun wedding. Life as he had known it (ice hockey, drugs, and screwing teenage bimbos) would be over. He'd have to dress up and go to some pretend job at a Republican owned oil company. But Palin lost and after a descrete period Levi and Bristol could break up and Levi could go back to the comforts of obscurity.

But in strict Republican idology Bristol's baby needs a father and the ever brilliant JC Christian has the answer. Bristol should marry Joe the Plumber. It's a brilliant political marriage. It could even lead to the first mother and son-in-law presidential ticket.

Palin + Plumber 2012!!!

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two crows said...

hee hee hee!
when I heard that Bristol and Levi had broken up, my first thought was, "What? Sarah dropped her shotgun out of the helicopter?"