Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Which Is Worse?

  • In Saudi Arabia, a woman victim of gang rape was sentenced to 90 lashes because just before the gang attack she had been alone in a car with a man. The rapists received sentences as low as 1 year in prison and 80 lashes.
  • In Tampa, Florida, a woman rape victim was thrown in jail after she reported the rape to police. There was an outstanding warrent against her for failure to pay restitution in a 2003 theft. The police took the opportunity of her being in the police station reporting the rape to arrest her. While behind bars, her jailer refused to allow the rape victim to take her morning-after contraceptive pill because it was against the jailer's religion. The rapist is still free as a bird.

In both cases the victim was punished because she had reported her rape to authorities. In both cases there was a religious element that considers women to be sub-human property.

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