Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Power of CIA Corruption

Less than a week after the CIA blocked a Federal prosecutor from investigation the corrupt practices of former CIA Executive Director Dusty Foggo (hate the guy, love that name), that prosecutor is being sacked.

Carol Lam, the US Attorney who prosecuted Duke Cunningham and revealed the morass of corruption that surrounded the congressman, is being "asked to step down" by Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez. The alleged reason is that her pursuit of Cunningham, Brent Wilkes, and Foggo - her unraveling and revealing a web of bribery that spread deep into the heart of the United States Government - has distracted her from the more important mission of catching and fining people smuggling marijuana across the Mexican border.

It may be unreasonable to blaim the CIA. After all, rolling over the rocks under which Republicans had hidden their bribes all these years upset a lot of very powerful criminals. But, the move against Foggo and the prospects of uncovering criminal enterprises infesting the CIA, seems to have been the last straw. Given the history of the CIA, Carol Lam is lucky to still be alive.

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PoliShifter said...

This is really, really sick.

How can we as a nation go on with such deep rooted and blatant corruption?