Friday, January 26, 2007

Following White House Logic

This administration has turned down numerous diplomatic overtures from Iran, and now rushes to escalate tension while refusing to negotiate. ~ Georgetown Voice

The United States is in fact a formidable adversary, there's not much advantage for us in engaging with them, ~ Secretary of Defense Robert Gates saying that the United States does not need to negotiate with Iran.

The Saudis were worried by the Baker-Hamilton report that the Americans would negotiate with Iran. ~ Iraqi analyst Mustafa Alani

Rice Rejects Overture To Iran And Syria ~ Washington Post

Bush authorizes the use of force against Iranians in Iraq. ~ The Guardian
And now ...
We believe that we can solve our problems with Iran diplomatically. ~ George Bush
It appears that Bush is confusing the concept of killing people without talking to them with the word "diplomacy" again. This book is only $17.95 from Bank Street Bookstore. Say the word, Georgie-Porgie, and I'll buy it for your birthday.


Anonymous said...

The progression looks remarkably like our progression toward war with Iraq. History repeats itself, especially for those who still cling to the notion that Iraq was, might be, could be, a win for us.

Anonymous said...

"OUR GREATEST WEAPONS in the war on terror...Note-- Sabers are not even on the list:
The US Constitution
The Bill of Rights
Our adherence to international law
Our respect for others of different cultures and religious faiths
Bear in mind-- that 'weapons' list is drafted by a General,"
blogger from Wesley Clark at UCLA