Monday, January 29, 2007

Once Again, Bush Emulates the Soviet Union

Some day when I am feeling bored or depressed I will list all of the ways that Bush has designed his administration as an eerie copy of Communist Russia. From domestic spying to secret prison camps, Bush has remodeled the United States government into a replica of the Soviet Union, all the while being cheered on by allegedly anti-communist conservatives.

The latest example is the placement of political agents inside government regulatory agencies. As in the Soviet Union, these political agents will have no expertise in the fields they are controlling, actual knowledge is considered a burden to the purity of political thought, and will be outside of the regular hierarchy of the departments. Their purpose is to force the civil service to adhere to political orthodoxy.

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Kvatch said...

These shenanigans have a precedent. Bush the First convened a 'Council on Competitiveness' headed by Dan Quayle the purpose of which was to review legislation to asses it's impact on the economy, and then...choose which laws to enforce.