Monday, June 19, 2006

The Truth Is Out There,
It Is Just Stamped 'Secret'

Press Secretary Tony Snow says "there's a lot going on" in Iraq. True enough. If you want to know what is going on, don't listen to Tony, hunt down some secret embassy memos. A secret cable from the US embassy in Baghdad reveals a different Iraq than you'll hear described by the Propaganda Ministry.

Working for the Embassy is Hazardous
Guards in the Green Zone are harrassing US embassy employees, loudly announcing that they work in the embassy: "Such information is a death sentence if overheard by the wrong people." Embassy employees are keeping their work secret even from their own families.

Life Would Have to Improve to Become Hell
Death is so common, many neighborhoods hold funerals every evening. Fuel lines are as much as 12 hours long. Electricity is one hour on, six hours off. Temperatures are 115 degrees. "
Even upscale neighborhoods 'have visibly deteriorated' and one of them is now described as a 'ghost town.'"

Watch What You Wear
Women are being harrassed to cover their faces, the full Taliban abaya. Men are being attacked for wearing shorts or jeans in public. Even children are attacked for wearing shorts.

And It Is Hopeless
"In March, a few (embassy) staff members approached us to ask what provisions would we make for them if we evacuate."

Update: Think Progress has the original document.

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