Monday, June 19, 2006

The Future of Political Ads*

*if Democrats are smart.
Look at What Would Jesus Do? from the brilliant young activist Ava Lowery of Peace Takes Courage.

You know the traditional political commercial, they all look pretty much the same no matter which party is doing them, right? They show the candidate with family walking in some pretty spot (here in California that is almost always the beach), talking to a small group of elderly folks, and playing with his children if he has any (and someone else's children if he hasn't). A couple of innocuous policy positions nobody could disagree with are included and, voila, another media consultant has pocketed a sweet profit. With the uninspiring pablum that passes for political discource today, it is a wonder election turnouts aren't lower.

But, I can hear my consultant friends telling me that campaign commercials must be uplifting and inspiring. Try Making History for inspiration. What about attack ads, they tell me? Only attack ads really work. Tell me one political commercial you've seen that was a more powerful attack than Who Is George Bush?

Boldness wins elections. Only boldness deserves to win elections. Ava Lowery's productions are bold statements of principal that touch the heart and soul. A lot has been made about the death threats that Ms. Lowery, age 15, has received. That only makes my point. Even hard right-wingers can see the power of her message and have nothing to answer her. All they can do is lash out, impotently. It isn't the money that goes into a commercial that matters, it is the message.

If Ava Lowery inspires the future production of political commercials, Democrats will win in a landslide.

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phinky said...

It's amazing what happens when you push back against the wingnuts. They do not like to admit that the truth has a liberal bias.