Wednesday, June 28, 2006

One Vote Margins

When I see a well planned vote, such as the flag burning constitutional amendment, that loses by one vote, my cynic-nerve starts buzzing. I believe the vote was orchestrated. There was a Gallup Poll showing a majority (54%) of the public opposes the amendment. Even the right-wing blog RedState thought is was a bad idea. The news media was mostly snoozing; if there was going to be a genuine close vote the media would have been abuzz.

This was a congenial affair with a pre-ordained result. The votes were assigned to create the final result. Hence the sight of Feinstein voting Yea and Hillary Clinton voting Nay. The anti-firebug freaks would applaud a valiant effort. Us this-is-just-silly folks would be appeased. And, no harm would be done to the Constitution.

This is just proof that the Senate can play nice as long as there is nothing important at stake.

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